A new major player in the consulting market

Sense ConsultingJune 13, 2017.

The most successful Croatian consulting company operating in the development of the public sector, Razbor Ltd., has merged with the most accomplished Croatian consultancy firm, Sense Consulting Ltd., which specializes in management, consulting, innovation and regulatory reforms. As a result, a new, major and authentic Croatian company was conceived, which has the capacity, knowledge and expertise to overcome and solve all the crucial challenges for both private and public sector companies and institutions, the so-called one stop-shop for smart growth of companies, public authorities and civil society organizations.

Sense Consulting is a Croatian company that has been growing rapidly for ten years now, ensuring growth for its clients, successful small and medium-sized companies, organizations, and countries. Additionally, experts at Sense Consulting have so far directly contributed to the creation of more than 800 new jobs just in Croatia, as well as provided support to the domestic and foreign investments worth 11 billion HRK.

Razbor d.o.o., on the other hand, is the most experienced Croatian company that has been preparing and implementing programs and projects in the area of ​​regional and local development since 2005., while helping public sector entities to prepare and implement development strategies and more efficiently manage and utilize EU funds.

By joining forces, we have established the largest authentic Croatian consultancy company with over fifty (50) full-time consultants and an eco-system made up of over one hundred top experts and partnership organizations, as well as an exceptional professional capacities responsible for preparation and implementation of smart business development solutions readily available to private and public sectors.

As a result of this merger, a Croatian market has gained an authentic Croatian consulting firm, which has the knowledge, experience and capacities to operate on a higher level than most international consultancy companies present here. Promptly, public authorities, companies and organizations have the opportunity to choose a top-notch firm with relevant local experience and references as their first choice for large government projects, public and private investments, and for support ensuring smarter business growth.



Vedran Antoljak, managing partner at Sense Consulting:

“By merging Sense Consulting and Razbor, we have created a Croatian consultancy company with over 50 employees and a network of more than 100 experts and partners. Combination and integration of available capabilities, top-notch expertise and skills, and proven experience in the Croatian and the international market, Sense Consulting and Razbor now represent the optimal choice for public sector entities when it comes to the selection of consulting services for regional development projects and strengthening capacities, as well as for private companies seeking support for smarter and faster business growth and digital transformation. Our strategic objective is to become a leading consulting company in Southeast Europe, and this merger brings us closer to attaining that goal.”

Mirjana Samardžić Novoselec, director of Razbor:

“I’m very happy that we have found a strategic partner with whom we are going to achieve the growth and further development of our company. This partnership will enable us to be more competitive in public sector consulting services, with regard to a large number of high quality in-house experts, as well as the financial strength that will enable us to appear and compete on major tenders in Croatia and neighboring countries. References and competences, especially those related to the management of EU programs and projects, will be utilized to strengthen our position in Serbia, Bosnia and Hercegovina and Montenegro. The fact that both Sense Consulting and Razbor have been present and successful for many years, guarantees the prosperity and success of our merging story